Sunday, February 14, 2010

The "Thin Places"

Today's Scriptures and liturgy were exactly what I needed. In the moments of my days I long to build tents to just hang out with Jesus. Yet, God's actions quickly sweep in to interrupt my silly plans with visions and displays that are simply grand.

Over the past bit of time, I have been taken to task about how I do not return telephone calls quickly enough (Friday morning after a a Wednesday afternoon message with no urgency conveyed), not visiting folks in the hospital (notwithstanding the fact that the patient had only a loose connection to our parish), not using the altar missal for our worship service and using a hand-held binder instead, asking communion assistants to handle pew communions rather than doing it myself as the pastor.

I was relieved today to relish in the words of the Gospel as we experience the Transfiguration of Jesus. And I was grateful for the words of friends who recalled the "thin places" in which the divine comes so very close to us that we can almost taste it, those places in which the veil between the human and the sacred is paper thin. Those holy holy moments in which we are present at this beautiful display of Jesus' glory.

This week the Lenten Journey begins and I embark on a spiritual direction path that offers new opportunities. I trust that these will reveal even more "thin places."

Blessings abound,