Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Blogging Newbie

Over the past weeks and months and even years, I have stumbled upon blogs and read the musings and wonderings and postings of folks I know, folks I hope to know, and yes, some who fall into neither category. Writing and words are important to me and so I set out on this blogging journey. This will not be a daily diary, for it will not be daily nor will it be a report of my activities of the day. Rather, I hope to grow in the craft of reflecting upon what I sense around me.

I don't yet understand all of the steps necessary to create a blog, but I've gotten this far. Obviously, there are more steps ahead.

Saturday evenings are times of preparation for me -- times to finish the sermon, review the plan for Sunday School, prepare the prayers. Times to connect with friends. Time to kick back. And so that's what I am doing this evening. Finishing things for tomorrow. And doing lots of wondering.

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