Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Such Shiftings

There are times when one's day off must be shifted or sacrificed. Much of today was full of that shift and sacrifice, twistings and turnings.

Today, I spent good time with the chaplain at Hospice. She and I recently have been working together because of one of the beloved members of Grace was a patient at Hospice Woodside. Ellie spent time with me today as I reflected on what it means that M has left Florida to head back to his home state. Such a shifting, especially given the fact that he and his parents and sister worshiped with us yesterday. Such quick shiftings.

I am grateful for a time with a chaplain, Ellie, who helped me begin to process M's absence for our community. And helped fill in a couple of gaps about his leaving.

Our prayers are that he makes it to his intended destination, that he survives until then.

Ellie brought to my attention the need that I have to be in a regular schedule of meeting with a spiritual director. Thanks be to God for those who are partners through this process.


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