Monday, October 19, 2009

A Reflection on Ego

So many weeks have passed since I wrote anything other than a sermon, a lesson plan or a Facebook status update. And during these weeks so many pieces of paper, so many words, so many ideas have passed through my fingers or fingertips, few of which were original. Today, I finally had to shout "Enough!" at my desk and move on page after page, word after word, sheet after sheet.

A few articles were held out for further consideration but mostly I am enjoying a cleared work space. Tissues close at hand, a clock face I can actually see, a phone I can actually find without moving anything. And, as tidy as this is, it reminds me of how much reflection I have not engaged in over these past weeks as I wrote sermons and lesson plans. Reflection is messy, seldom tidy.

In previous posts I have spoken about M, a homeless member of our congregation, who has very serious health concerns and who left our midst rather suddenly a few weeks ago to head to places unknown to us by means unknown to us. I was a tad irritated that M didn't hang out at our parish for the last of his days (however many of them there may be) and chagrined that I didn't fully understand his parting words to me because I was certain that there was no parting to come.

Oh my, M was miles ahead of me. Yes, his friend came from distant places to pick up M and bring M back to his home so that M could live out the last of his days, however many of them there may be, in places that are familiar and pleasurable.

So, at breakfast after church yesterday, another who has cared for M very much, observed that every single thing that we have prayed that M may experience has come about. And he just isn't here in this particular family of faith any longer. But thanks be to God that M is in a safe place, a loved place, and a familiar place where he is doing the things that he always wanted to do and hasn't been able to for the past many many years.

The old hymn, "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" bids us spread our trophies at Jesus' feet. At Jesus' feet we raise all to the glory of God.


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