Monday, August 31, 2009

A "Play Day"

A day for sleeping late -- ohhh, the luxury of a gradual waking. A day to catch a movie matinee. A day to read one book for as long as I wanted to -- ohhh, the luxury of it all. While I try to play rather than work on my regular day off, I am seldom fully successful. Some days there is no play at all -- rather a house to clean and the errands necessitated by simply living on this planet consume most of the day. Some days there is no play but rather passive "couch potato" time. Some days there is regular work -- hospital visits, sermon preparation, Bible Study preparation, parish planning, and the list goes on.

A friend of mine recently noted that during this time in the life of a pastor in the ELCA we need especially now to play. This is most certainly true.

So, my partner-in-life and I caught a delightful movie, I am smelling the aromas of the shrimp and grits dinner he is fixing, and I will soon check email, start thinking about next Sunday's sermon, getting ready for a full day tomorrow, reviewing the last draft of the newsletter (yes, I know it's a little late). And I'll continue to have some laughs over the movie.

I am most grateful.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Blogging Newbie

Over the past weeks and months and even years, I have stumbled upon blogs and read the musings and wonderings and postings of folks I know, folks I hope to know, and yes, some who fall into neither category. Writing and words are important to me and so I set out on this blogging journey. This will not be a daily diary, for it will not be daily nor will it be a report of my activities of the day. Rather, I hope to grow in the craft of reflecting upon what I sense around me.

I don't yet understand all of the steps necessary to create a blog, but I've gotten this far. Obviously, there are more steps ahead.

Saturday evenings are times of preparation for me -- times to finish the sermon, review the plan for Sunday School, prepare the prayers. Times to connect with friends. Time to kick back. And so that's what I am doing this evening. Finishing things for tomorrow. And doing lots of wondering.