Monday, August 9, 2010

Back from the Guild

15 days, 3 time zones, 50 degree temperature swing, re-acquainted with the other half of my brain.

On July 19 I headed to the Grunewald Guild in Leavenworth, Washington for two one-week classes. The first was Contemporary Collage Quilting and Beading. The second was part of a week of Liturgical Arts. I took Advent expressed in silk painting. On August 1, I arrived home around midnight.

15 days. An odd number (not to state an obvious numerical fact). 7 days, one week -- yes, I get that. 4 days -- yes, I get that too; a nice long weekend. 3 days -- well, a not-so-long weekend. But 15 days? When have I last spent 15 consecutive days on a singular endeavor? And, other than times of work and school, when have I last spent this length of time away from home and family? 15 days. I learned that I need this stretch of time at least every year to refuel.

3 time zones. I arrived at the Tampa airport at 6:00AM EDT and arrived in Seattle at 1:00PM PDT. Then I rented a car and drove 2 1/2 hours to Leavenworth and the Guild. We had dinner at 5:30 PDT (8:30 EDT). Vespers started at 7:30 PDT (10:30 EDT) complete with many stifled yawns and heavy eyelids. Then 15 days later, I arrived home near midnight EDT (9:30 PDT), etc. You get the drift. Traveling east is always the hardest for me. It's only now, over a week later, that my body is getting accustomed to being back home in 'my" time zone. 

50 degree temperature swing. In Dunedin this summer has brought us "feels like" temperatures of over 105 degrees. Our evening temperatures are "all the way down" to 75. Thank you God for the Pacific Northwest! Needed my flannel pj's. Perfect cup of steaming coffee each morning. 

Re-acquainted with the other half of my brain. I didn't wear my watch. I slept until I woke up. Let myself be seen by others despite a rather severe case of bedhead. No calendar. Instead, I swished paintbrushes, dabbled in different colors of dye, fingered through a beautiful stash of fabric, stitched with lovely beads.  Carried a sketchbook with me -- and actually used it. Played with colors and textures and words. Priceless.

So, now I begin my first full week back. I have had such fun sharing my meager creations with folks at church.  The Guild is a bit of holy ground -- and I am most grateful for this year's pilgrimage.

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